“What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset” – Blackfoot

Through the mist and fog, from the highest peaks, to the lowest troughs, winter brings a chill across the depths of the Tasman. Amidst the icey planes, the people look for warmth. And it is the fire of music that warms a warriors heart. Just as some start to lose hope, a vibrational transformation occurs. A cosmic collaboration. Across the astral, through dimensions up and down, it’s emergence reverberates through the cosmos. Some call them Dusty Troopers. Others call them Cowboys from another time, occupying a place outside of our continuum. But their name is not important, for their waves are where their magic lies.

Warm your heart by our fire friend, for you have travelled far and wide. We did not come here to cry, but to dance, enlivened by the richness of the fruits we call life. We thank you for joining us on this journey, and hope it brings you what your heart desires most. We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

Caly Jandro, Yasuke, DJ PQM, Moontide, Jamie Stevens, Uone, Out Of Sorts, John Parkinson, Pilot, Liam Sieker, Sanoi, The Oddness, Heath Myers, Charles Wood, Bomb Dylan, Hamish Lang, Markey, Azaria Byrne….

This is Beat & Path, the Winter Pathways Compilation. Stay true, and stay warm loved ones. Until we meet again by the fire, and under the starry skies.

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1 – Uone – Light Reading 2020 feat. Heath Myers
2 – Caly Jandro & Yasuke – A Little Closer, Said The King
3 – Out of Sorts – The Hustler feat. Charles Wood
4 – Uone & Markey – Playing Shadows feat. Azaria Byrne
5 – SANOI – Us
6 – Bomb Dylan – Brief Lives feat. Hamish Lang

7 – Jamie Stevens – Night & Day
8 – Uone & Out Of Sorts – Pass Not Forgotten feat. John Parkinson
9 – Liam Sieker – Guzheng
10 – The Oddness – OHMsemble
11 – MOONTIDE – Acuarlea
12 – DJ PQM – My Beautiful
13 – Midnights Playground – Bender



Check out this beautiful EP from

Liquid Bloom & Poranguí titled ‘Peyote Canyon’.

I was lucky enough to be asked to make a remix and it was the first time in my life that I had produced a track over 10minutes in duration. I will always hold this track close to my spirit because it was the first track produced after the world had entered into COVID-19 and essentially changed my lifestyle forever. The process of writing this track opened up my creative spirit again and urged me to continue on being an artist and pushing the psychedelic culture that we love.

“Casting the mystery and romance of the western borderlands through a visionary lens, Liquid Bloom and Poranguí’s flowing deep house tale marries panoramic acoustics with steadfast electronic beats to paint a mesmeric and uplifting portrait of the electro-mystical frontier.”

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Release date: 12.06.2020

A – Uone & Western – The Lone Wrangler (Original Mix)
B – Uone & Western – The Lone Wrangler (Out Of Sorts Gunslinger Mix)

All galactic authorities are on high alert after the announcement that Uone and Western will release their debut declaration titled ‘Lone Wranglers’. They say it’s been behind the multiple encodings of dimension-hopping involving American Western broadcasts. If this is true, the Frontier will deviate into a new psychedelic realm, and the battle for our subconscious will begin.

The latest transmission is the title track it’s all named after, ‘Lone Wrangler’. That is a bold statement. Of course, it spells trouble, and the Council has sent an urgent Mind-Link to the Zealand Gun Slinger battalion for assistance. What they did next shocked everyone: They activated Out of Sorts.

Featuring Tonto, the Lone Ranger’s mythical right-hand man, ‘Lone Wrangler’ is an astute prophecy for modern times. For Uone and Western, he embodies a clear message: choosing compassion and forgiveness over vengeance. Or as they say on Earth, right over wrong. The feeling is contemplative and the rhythm is radiosensitive. They have managed to capture the American myth and imbue it all over this broadcast. It points towards the pending release of a majestic manifesto. Be warned: It’s only meant for those who can handle the truth.

Riding high on their legendary tales of gun slinging in the Silver Fern canyons, who could’ve predicted the involvement of Out of Sorts? But here we are. Their Gunslinger remix of ‘Lone Wrangler’ is intense. They imprint an authoritative gel all over the root material, a minor acid adhesive that will suck any heretic straight into its force field. It’s a deadly and fierce workout that accentuates why the Powers are taking Uone and Western’s debut very seriously.


Release date: 29.05.2020

A – Uone & Western – Last Showdown (Original Mix)
B – Uone & Western – Last Showdown (Desert Dwellers Mix)

For lone rangers like Beat & Path label boss Uone and the bounty hunter called Western, the answer is clear: staying on the cosmic trail is the way of the cowboy. For the last 12 months these neon outlaws tamed an iron asteroid, mining deep for the elements that form their debut LP ‘The Lone Wranglers’. It has a big game, a fusion of galactic electronic music rolled in the steampunk spirit of the American frontier.

With only a few weeks until the ten track epic goes supernova, Uone & Western starts the countdown via three singles taken from the LP. And we boost straight into hyperdrive via ‘Last Showdown’; an elevating experience complete with a remix from fellow psychonauts, Desert Dwellers.

The ‘Last Showdown’ is thick with vocal smoke, harmonica whisps and swashes of slide guitar, it’s a blueprint on how to become the hero in your own story. It was sourced after many space battles and exactly 100 hours of dimension surfing. It feels fluid and fearless, and in multiverse number KH-1078Q1 considered a cure for the future blues. Listen only if you are an experienced Level 10.

The Desert Dwellers is wanted by every border patrol from Melbourne to Mars. Their brand of anti-gravity melodies, confidant guitars and rattlesnake shakers are worth a lot on the black market. But the rumours are true, and this is beyond mere alien oil. It contains a healing potential which is very real. Be careful: this deeply illegal remix will feature on every Most Wanted list across the seven quadrants


This year, the unforgettable 2020, I’m celebrating 20 years of Djing. Its been an incredible journey filled with loads of art, love and positive energy. The COVID-19 outbreak opened up an opportunity to reset and reflect on where it all started. Reflecting on my early roots and a time I was young, free, completely transfixed with the art of DJing and the music it embodies. For over 2 decades now, I’ve managed to develop an ear for all sounds and discovered that music has no borders nor boundaries. It’s an audible escape, that can transpose you to your chosen oasis, albeit within one’s own mind.

For this mix, I tried to create a psychedelic journey into sounds that have influenced me as an artist and best represent the community amongst us. My message through this is for us to remember that everything flows and all is connected, we are but one vibration, floating through space.

Thank you to Corr and Jai for the invitation and for the great work you are doing with the Flow platform for the community and the greater world.

Enjoy the music space cowboys & cosmic girls


Australian artist Uone will entertain us with a very special DJ set to encourage people to stay at home and equally as important, to raise awareness for those in our community who are battling multiple sclerosis (MS). Uone himself has had this immune-mediated disorder for over 10 years now. 

The above-mentioned performance was filmed in a gorgeous forest on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia.  Uone over the last five years has been raising funds and contributing to educating the general public of this chronic neurological disease. Until now, Uone has never revealed his condition previously and is producing a documentary in partnership with MS Australia, highlighting the positive changes he’s made, to continue following his dreams. 

Through this video, Uone is sending a message of positivity to the world, that even in these troubled times, anything is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard enough. Never ever allow life or circumstances to get in the way of your dreams.

Uone live - Ranch-O-Relaxo Summer Solstice

Filmed on the Summer Solstice in 2019 from Uone’s Ranch-O-Relaxo gardens on the Mornington Peninsula, 50mins from Melbourne city.
Please donate to help keep the beautiful Ranch-O-Relaxo gardens and property alive, Uone and his family are in grave danger of losing it due to COVID-19:

Jamie Woon - Shoulda (Uone 2020 Bootleg) FREE DOWNLOAD

Uone’s bootleg of Jamie Woon’s – ‘Shoulda’ is very dear to his heart. For Uone, his bootleg signifies the constant struggle of falling in and out of love with your own music and recognising that you cannot rush or force anything in life. Everything happens at the exact moment that its suppose to, so it’s important to keep your head down, smile and be positive. The world needs as much love & positivity as ever amidst the current COVID-19 Outbreak.


As the sun finished setting on Saturday evening it was finally time for the boss of CHI WOW WAH TOWN to take the musical reins. Thank you to all the amazing crew, volunteers & punters for making it such a special weekend of celebrating love, positivity & freedom.

UONE live – Rhythm & Alps 2019

In preparation for this I wanted to deliver a message at the start of my set to you the people that our world is in grave danger and only you the people have the powered to request & make change. So I include a small extract of Greta Thunberg’s speech to the UN to encourage everyone to spread the message.

This set is a showcase all my favourite tracks from the last 10 years, some old some new, many you have probably heard before, please enjoy the journey and feedback is always welcome.

Lots of love and positivity to you where ever you are on the planet.
Special thanks to all the wonderful crew and people at Rhythm & Alps.

Release date: 26/07/2019
Melbourne-based DJ/producer Uone announced himself as one to watch with his incredible 2018 Balance Presents release, a sprawling 21 track epic mixed to perfection. Every track featured Uone’s production touch in the form of originals, remixes and collaborations, and the next single from the 2CD release is a five-track remix package of a Uone original, the beguiling ‘Sands of Time’ featuring Sleeping Genie on vocals.

On the stripped back Dub mix the original’s bass is given more air to breathe as Uone turns the groove-level to 11. The judicious use of the vocal adds to the overall mystery, and The Doors-like Rhodes melody and other mystic sounds disappear as quickly as they appear, making for a very thrilling listen. This will enhance the trance on any dance floor.

It takes creative use of sound to evoke confusion about your current state, but on the Ambient mix, Uone achieves this effortlessly. Are you sober? Are you high? If you listen to this mix and close your eyes, it would be hard to differentiate: velvet sounds, plucked guitar samples and not-quite-right synths all swirl together for an experience that feels like you’re preparing to journey into the cosmos.


Based in Melbourne, Australia; DJ and producer Uone is renowned for his unique sound and the energy it brings to dance floors. Uone’s sets encompass a wide spectrum of four to the floor genres, infused with a diverse range of influences; from deep tech house, exotic tribal rhythms, soul, funk, 60s psychedelia, all delivered with a unique sense of humour and playful energy.

Early in his career Uone developed a strong connection with the outdoor festival audience, delivering peak time sets on Australian festival lineups such as RAINBOW SERPENT & SUBSONIC FESTIVAL. Today, he continues to develop the ‘Uone Sound’ through his DJ and production career.

Over the last decade, Uone has developed an intimate understanding of the outdoor festival dance floor. Inducing shaman likes states en masse, across the globe. DJ sets of note include FUSION FESTIVAL, GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL, SECRET GARDEN PARTY, BOOM FESTIVAL, LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE, SYMBIOSIS, BURNING MAN, OREGON ECLIPSE & UNIVERSAL PARELLELO. 

Uone’s Recent productions include an array of deep house & techno, working closely with household names and labels, including the likes of KATERMUKKE, STILL VOR TALENT, & SOL SELECTAS. His most recent and grandest accomplishment is being invited to produce and curate a BALANCE PRESENTS album featuring all original works and collaborations with some big names in techno and house including Jam and Spoon, Adam Freeland, Mihai Popoviciu, Infusion, Jamie Stevens, and Monolink.

Recently Uone has been investing his energy into a project very close home; Australia/NZ based record label “BEAT AND PATH”. Uone is the co-founder of this young but already acclaimed label, developed to promote homegrown talent and international collaborations.



Beyond the dance floor Uone’s involvement in the festival world extends into artist touring, event production and creative consulting business: ‘VISION HOUND’. Vision Hound produces and programs boutique Australian gathering ‘CHI WOW WAH TOWN’ , ‘RANCH-O-RELAXO’ has toured LEE BURRIDGE & THE ALL DAY I DREAM PARTY SERIES and over the years toured the artists such as ROBAG WRUHME, NICOLA CRUZ, MONOLINK, BE SVENSDEN, ACID PAULI, BEDOUIN, OLIVER KOLETZKI, MATTHEW DEKAY, SABO, NU, DIRTY DOERING, and many more.

Beyond the dance floor Uone’s involvement in the festival world extends into artist touring, event production and creative consulting business: ‘VISION HOUND’. Vision Hound produces and programs boutique Australian gathering ‘CHI WOW WAH TOWN’ , ‘RANCH-O-RELAXO’ has toured LEE BURRIDGE & THE ALL DAY I DREAM PARTY SERIES and over the years toured the artists such as ROBAG WRUHME, NICOLA CRUZ, MONOLINK, BE SVENSDEN, ACID PAULI, BEDOUIN, OLIVER KOLETZKI, MATTHEW DEKAY, SABO, NU, DIRTY DOERING, and many more.


September 2020

21 Mon


Uone & Out Of Sorts - Whole New Way

"Whole New Way" music video. I'm currently inspired by space and in particular the sun and the amount of energy and life it provides to us. So I've put together some incredible close-up footage for our visual feasting. I hope this gives you a "whole new way of looking at the day " Out Now: Spotify:

Posted by Uone on Wednesday, 5 September 2018
LIVE Debut performance Uone & Western - Subsonic Music Festival

Thank you Subsonic Music Festival for trusting in my music & inviting us to debut our 3 pce live band show with my homies Nick West & Ant Smith.

Posted by Uone on Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Thank you to the organisers and the amazing people at the Global Eclipse Gathering 2017. Absolutely loved the vibes shared at our Live set on the sky stage Friday night. Track Id Timboletti - Wrong Bottle (Uone & Western Mix) on Sol Selectas Records

Posted by Uone on Saturday, 26 August 2017
Uone & Western live feat. Ant Smif - Subsonic Music Festival

Subsonic Music Festival 2016 you were EPIC. Uone & Western live feat. Ant Smif. What a journey its been transitioning into the live performance side with synths, guitars, vocals & didgeridoo. Hola for bookings at

Posted by Uone on Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Music video: Uone - Sands Of Time feat. Sleeping Genie Grab a copy here:

Posted by Uone on Wednesday, 3 October 2018

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