Release Date:

May 19, 2023


Beat & Path Records

Creative. Absorbing. Totally neoteric.

The original mix of ‘Universal Wisdom' circles back to the start of the journey, its pertinent message wrapped in low-slung throbbing bass, enveloping deep tech beats and shimmering FX.

Taming your surroundings is crucial for any outlaw, and the noble craft of Falconry runs parallel with that ethos. Not just a smooth ode to passion, the gliding guitar and respectful vocal of ‘Karachi Eagles’ pays homage to those who devote their life to passion.

'Irish Campfire' features real-life Irish Whistler champion Joe Moran who plays a pensive piece around a crackling campfire. This is audio whiskey, my friend; a place to replenish and restore, a time to integrate the teachings from before.

As we pack up and throw dirt on the last smouldering coals, we ride one last time with 'Cause My Love', a sweet disco-fied sunrise after a long night learning big lessons. The Motown-inspired energy is filled with gratitude and contentment, acknowledging that, yes, we really are spirits on a human experience.

As the Phantom Whistler rides his trusty stead into a fantastic future, he leaves behind a captivating message: Dull the noise and find sanctuary in yourself. You are an adventurer from a distance dimension gathered here for one special moment before you move on to the next big ticket. To find the treasure within, fuse with your inner beat to synchronise with the universal groove. Travel light, friend.

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