Release Date:

April 7, 2023


Beat & Path Records


Catalogue No: BNP053

Format: Digital

Beatport & Spotify exclusive: 07.04.2023

Worldwide all platforms: 21.04.2023

Tribal drums tap generously on the title track 'Phantom Whistler', a warm deep house number for days covered in dark clouds. With lamenting guitars, trumpets and snapping castanets, it feels Catalan-inspired, a bullfighter reminiscing on a long-lost love and an unforgiving present.

'Lake at Dusk' (one of four interludes on the LP) acts as the perfect rumination on the prior cut's keening energy. Featuring renowned sound healer Christian Dimarco, it utilises a pan flute and clear brooks to create an organic mindfulness machine aiming to mend.

With the philosophical lines drawn, the BPMs and intent are cranked on 'Thought Control'. The only way to highlight the incendiary message ('we don't need no thought control') is through confidant guitars and sleazy drums working in tandem with bass so thick it would take 10 lasso ropes to contain its power. This is a cosmically enhanced groove of the highest order.

While seeking adventure in France, the Phantom Whistler crossed paths with a saxophone-playing melomaniac. The result: interlude number three; a gorgeous one-take field recording called 'The Frenchman's Rest', its velvet tones a refuge from the cold urban noise.

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