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Uone is an energetic DJ & electronic musicproducer whose signature western-influenced tribal deep house dance flooranthems have carved the landscape, allowing for a new age in modern 60sinspired psychedelia dance music, his DJ sets are known to oscillate fromsubtle spirituality to sweat-drenched sensuality, bringing together organic andelectronic sounds while also drawing on Morricone-influenced deep house, ‘60spsychedelia and tribal rhythms. The celebrated DJ, producer started his careerout of a caravan on his mum’s property in the Victorian surfing town ofShoreham. He’s since gone on to transform dance-floors around the world, from the USA’s Burning Man to the UK’s Glastonbury Festival.

One of the most hotly-tipped leaders of the new schoolhe is supported by some of the biggest names in dance music including Carl Cox,Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, Anthony Pappa, Jamie Stevens and John Digweed whofeatured his original production ‘Silver Magic’ in his 2020 lockdown BunkerSessions, taken from the critically acclaimed Balance presents Uone. Uone isveteran of a decade’s worth of international club and festival performances,and over the last 7 years the Australian has been honing his studio skills with impressive precision.


As a producer he has released musicon international imprints Katermukke, Stil Vor Talent, Sol Selectas,Sprout & Dreaming Awake Records, imbuing his productions with a humanistarc celebrating our connected spirituality. Make no mistake, this the meis resonating. His 2CD debut album release in 2018 forMelbourne basedglobal powerhouse label Balance Music was a unique vision reaching number oneon global dance music barometer Beatport’s Deep house charts.


The Balance album compilation series also provided animportant formative touchstone in his musical education. His twin mixes featurereworks of progressive house and trance classics (PQM, Jam & Spoon) andreferences to his home country’s thriving scene from his nascent years via hisre-work of the highly-revered, once-mighty electronic band, Infusion. Uone hasmastermind collaborations with the likes of Oliver Koletkzi, Desert Dwellers, D-nox & Beckers,  Jay Haze (aka Fuckpony), Adam Freeland, MojoFilter, Mihai Popoviciu, Jamie Stevens, Jonas Saalbach, Saand, Gabe, and Flow& Zeo. 

In 2020 Uone’s 2nd album ‘The Lone Wranglers’ was released on12-inch vinyl & digital on Australia/New Zealand based Beat & Path records and again reaching number one on Beatport Organic House chart. ‘The Lone Wranglers’ sounds like no other,and flourishes of psychedeliaand tribal deep house. The ten track release is a bricolage of various media:While it retains the deep- and tech-house production Uone’s known for, The Lone Wranglers is steeped in cowboy iconography and draws on Uone’s love for Pink Floyd and The Doors, Ennio Morricone Spaghetti Western film scores andthe music curation of Quentin Tarantino. The genre-defying release was named“most creative album of the year” by Electronic Groove magazine.

In 2023 Uone has graced us with a modern rarity: a15-track full-length concept album, ‘Phantom Whistler’, that pays homage to the Wild West.  Across Phantom Whistler you'll find a cinematic saga. Mind-expanding house and warm electronic ambience transmit with pacifying effect, and Uone juxtaposes momentsof solitude and calm with a spiritual groove to preach a righteous truth. It'san organic sound, one leathered in the sun and rinsed in the open plain rivers.

Provocative guitars, harmonicas and indiscriminate field recordings are pulled together by the outlaw's call card: a clear, crystallised frequency; a whistle born during cold nights next to warmcampfires. Make no mistake: this right here is an aural tonic, a soundtrack tothe greatest medicine ceremony ever assembled.


Creative. Absorbing. Totally neoteric. 

Mixed by Australian engineering legend Danny Bonniciin Dolby Atmos, a revolutionary spatial audio technology for the most immersive sound experience, the Phantom Whistler LP will unfurl itself over the course of three months: a new chapter every 3 weeks.

Alongside the album a collection of music videos and animations will accompany created by Australia's leading projection artist NickAzidis: expect a pastiche filled mood, with atmospheric transformations, nostalgia, and abstract forms. This is more than music, it'san artistic manifesto brave enough to buck the trend. 

As the Phantom Whistler rides his trusty stead into a fantastic future, a captivating message is left behind: Dull the noise and find sanctuary in yourself. To find the treasure within, fuse with your inner beat to synchronise with the universal

groove. Travel light my friend, rap yourself in anticipation, and submit to 2023's most audacious release.


With close to 250tracks released what connects all of Uone’s pursuits is an emphatic belief in the transcendent, life-affirmingpotential of music.


“Music is medicine,” he says. “It has the power to heal and make people happy. I loves spreading peace and positivity through music”