Release Date:

June 12, 2020


Beat & Path

A – Uone & Western – The Lone Wrangler (Original Mix)
B – Uone & Western – The Lone Wrangler (Out Of Sorts Gunslinger Mix)

All galactic authorities are on high alert after the announcement that Uone and Western will release their debut declaration titled ‘Lone Wranglers’. They say it’s been behind the multiple encodings of dimension-hopping involving American Western broadcasts. If this is true, the Frontier will deviate into a new psychedelic realm, and the battle for our subconscious will begin.

The latest transmission is the title track it’s all named after, ‘Lone Wrangler’. That is a bold statement. Of course, it spells trouble, and the Council has sent an urgent Mind-Link to the Zealand Gun Slinger battalion for assistance. What they did next shocked everyone: They activated Out of Sorts.

Featuring Tonto, the Lone Ranger’s mythical right-hand man, ‘Lone Wrangler’ is an astute prophecy for modern times. For Uone and Western, he embodies a clear message: choosing compassion and forgiveness over vengeance. Or as they say on Earth, right over wrong. The feeling is contemplative and the rhythm is radiosensitive. They have managed to capture the American myth and imbue it all over this broadcast. It points towards the pending release of a majestic manifesto. Be warned: It’s only meant for those who can handle the truth.

Riding high on their legendary tales of gun slinging in the Silver Fern canyons, who could’ve predicted the involvement of Out of Sorts? But here we are. Their Gunslinger remix of ‘Lone Wrangler’ is intense. They imprint an authoritative gel all over the root material, a minor acid adhesive that will suck any heretic straight into its force field. It’s a deadly and fierce workout that accentuates why the Powers are taking Uone and Western’s debut very seriously.

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