Boy Oh Boy, Thankyou City, Samuel Thomas-Holland, Uone, Azaria Byrne

Release Date:

April 19, 2019


Beat & Path

We welcome back Boy Oh Boy for their second EP for Beat & Path. This time the boys swap the banjo for some seriously smooth guitar licks. The guitar riff sampled from an old 45" has been given another breath of life and has been doing some serious damage on the D floor!

The B side welcomes a long overdue debut of the Melbourne based brotherly duo Thankyou City. Scott and Brent have been close friends of the label from the start and we are stoked to finally feature their talents and create their own version of "My Witch".Head-honcho Uone feat Azaria Byrne, has also taken the opportunity to spin his magic in 2 directions offering a dance floor render as well as an ambient version. But the most important question is "Which Witch will you choose?"

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