Uone, Mojo Filter, Jamie Stevens, Adam Freeland

Release Date:

August 11, 2019


Underyourskin Records

Music emanates from many fountains. Some source a drive for change, a message of peace or an unutterable nuance of feeling that cannot be expressed any other way. Sometimes music emerges from the magical meeting of minds merged in a mystical union. This is one such release.

Uone and Mojo Filter met on a dancefloor in England at Noisily Festival in 2015 and instantly hopped on the wavy train - destination unknown. Their shared ecstatic humility for the power of ritual and transcendentalmusic fused their vision to produce a wide array of bristling results. These ranged from the sharing of knowledge, food, culture, friends, music and love for their Priestesses. Quickly their collaboration as humans translated into three succinct tracks made at Uone's studio in Australia at the turn of 2018. It was as if these tracks were already complete and it was just a case of the pair piecing together the parts of the puzzle.Mighty meteors Jamie Stevens and Adam Freeland were mutual friends who happened to be circling in similar orbits at the time were able to shower the visitation with astonishing beams of accuracy and guidanceproducing an otherworldly fusion of friendship and far out sounds.The results are a mind expanding array of psychedelic musicality, production and intention woven into three tracks to mark a powerful episode in their story. Namely the friends both had baby daughters within months of each other. These children are the new generation. They are the future and their birth is a rite of passage from the cosmic oneness of space into the earthly realms of manifestation. With them they bring a message of unity, a message of change and a message of purpose.

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