January 5, 2023

APRIL 23 – Rabbits Eat Lettuce Festival – QLD
APRIL 30 – Wide Open Spaces Festival – Ross River Resort – NT
MAY 14 – New Guernica – Melbourne – VIC
MAY 22 – Greenwood Hotel – Sydney – NSW
MAY 22 – Hotel Harry – Sydney – NSW
MAY 28 – My Aeon – Melbourne – VIC
JUNE 05 – Camp Praprika Warehouse Party – Gold Coast – QLD
JUNE 13 – Millers Warehouse Party – Dromana – VIC
JUNE 19 – The Stonery – Byron Bay – NSW
JULY 01 – Gods Kitchen – Mornington – VIC
JULY 03 – Bloom Nightclub – Geelong – VIC
JULY 04 – Killing Time Bar – Melbourne – VIC
AUG 14 – Housewerk – Adelaide – SA

Energetic Melbourne DJ Uone is pleased to announce a national Australian tour in celebration of 20 years of DJing.
The celebrated DJ, producer and event promoter started his career out of a caravan on his mum’s property in the Victorian surfing town of Shoreham. He’s gone on to transform dance-floors around the world, from the USA’s Burning Man to the UK’s Glastonbury Festival.
The touring standstill of the last 12 months has given Uone ample time to reflect on and re-engage with his DJing roots. The upcoming 20 th anniversary tour setlists will encompass two decades of influences and personal growth, showcasing Uone’s taste for a wide variety of sounds and genres.

Years of international travelling – including annual sojourns to Europe for the summer festival season – have equipped Uone with a canny knack for reading the room and a vast knowledge of music to steer the collective spirit towards a sense of celebration and free expression.

Uone’s DJ sets are known to oscillate from subtle spirituality to sweat-drenched sensuality, bringing together organic and electronic sounds while also drawing on Morricone-influenced deep house, ‘60s psychedelia and tribal rhythms.

“Over the 20 years I have come to love all styles of music and learnt that bridging gaps between genre styles brings people from all musical background together,” says Uone.

Uone’s talents go beyond festival and club DJing. He co-manages the Beat & Path record label and has worked on the Rainbow Serpent and Subsonic festivals for many years. He also organises the central Victorian boutique gathering, CHI WOW WAH TOWN, which raises funds for MS Australia.

Uone’s debut studio album came out in 2018—released as part of Balance Music’s Balance Presents series, the album went to #1 on Beatport’s Deep House charts. His second full-length, 2020’s The Lone Wranglers, is a cinematic concept album made in collaboration with Sydney composer Nick West, aka Western.

While it retains the deep- and tech-house production Uone’s known for, The Lone Wranglers odis steeped in cowboy iconography and draws on Uone’s love for Pink Floyd and The Doors, Spaghetti Western film scores and the music curation of Quentin Tarantino. The genre-defying release was named “most creative album of the year” by Electronic Groove magazine.
Along with these more elaborate long-playing undertakings, Uone’s released tracks through a slew of internationally esteemed dance music imprints, including Katermukke, Still Vor Talent and Sol Selectas.
What connects all of Uone’s professional pursuits is an emphatic belief in the transcendent, life-affirming potential of music. The upcoming national tour is opportunity for Uone to show his love for the club-going community that means the world to him.
“Music is medicine,” he says. “It has the power to heal and make people happy. I love spreading peace and positivity through music”


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