January 5, 2023

This year, the unforgettable 2020, I’m celebrating 20 years of Djing. Its been an incredible journey filled with loads of art, love and positive energy. The COVID-19 outbreak opened up an opportunity to reset and reflect on where it all started. Reflecting on my early roots and a time I was young, free, completely transfixed with the art of DJing and the music it embodies. For over 2 decades now, I’ve managed to develop an ear for all sounds and discovered that music has no borders nor boundaries. It’s an audible escape, that can transpose you to your chosen oasis, albeit within one’s own mind.

For this mix, I tried to create a psychedelic journey into sounds that have influenced me as an artist and best represent the community amongst us. My message through this is for us to remember that everything flows and all is connected, we are but one vibration, floating through space.

Thank you to Corr and Jai for the invitation and for the great work you are doing with the Flow platform for the community and the greater world.

Enjoy the music space cowboys & cosmic girls


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