January 28, 2022

Melbourne-based DJ/producer Uone announced himself as one to watch with his incredible 2018 Balance Presents release, a sprawling 21 track epic mixed to perfection. Every track featured Uone’s production touch in the form of originals, remixes and collaborations, and the next single from the 2CD release is a five-track remix package of a Uone original, the beguiling ‘Sands of Time’ featuring Sleeping Genie on vocals.

On the stripped back Dub mix the original’s bass is given more air to breathe as Uone turns the groove-level to 11. The judicious use of the vocal adds to the overall mystery, and The Doors-like Rhodes melody and other mystic sounds disappear as quickly as they appear, making for a very thrilling listen. This will enhance the trance on any dance floor.

It takes creative use of sound to evoke confusion about your current state, but on the Ambient mix, Uone achieves this effortlessly. Are you sober? Are you high? If you listen to this mix and close your eyes, it would be hard to differentiate: velvet sounds, plucked guitar samples and not-quite-right synths all swirl together for an experience that feels like you’re preparing to journey into the cosmos.


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