January 9, 2023


Dear Mandrakians,

The last stop on my 2022 European tour was The Mandrake Hotel’s 5th birthday, a show that I had been looking forward to for so long.

I can confidently say that The Mandrake experience was a life changing, artistically inspiring, and energy recharging moment for me. The deep rooted spiritual intention & philosophy driven by the hotel’s owner, Rami, was seen in every detail of the hotel & the production but felt stronger when i had the opportunity to meet him after my performance.

An energetic exchange took place when he gave me hug to say thanks for the music and upon the touching heads a magnetic field was generated, it was a soul enriching moment full of love & positivity. It felt as though our souls had joined for a moment. As our hug continued Rami begun to download his health, wisdom & knowledge into my energy field, I felt completely enlightened, my nervous system recharged , finally the misted COVID fog had been broken.

This mix I put together is a journey into the psychedelic,  exotic,  space rock, mystical western influenced deep organic house & tribal cosmic rhythms.


Thomas Newmann - American Beauty - Uone’s Mandrake Induction edit
Beatles - Come Together (David August Reconstruction)
Laion - Hermetismo (Original Mix) [Downtempo Love]
Rapossa - My_Rock_n_Roll (Original Mix) [Underyourskin Records]
Sascha Funke -  In Der Tat (Original Mix) Kompakt Records
Michael Jackson - Thriller Uone’s Mandrake Moon Up Rooting
Jacob Groening - Suingu (Kermesse Remix)
DIBIDABO - Whats_on_your_mind_(ÃœNAM_Remix)
Bondi, Jacob Drescher Turning Blind_(Original Mix) [Juna Poly]
The Crooked Spoke - Black Tower Hotel (Be Svendsen Remix Mix)
Space Food - Miracle_(Original Mix) [Redolent Tribe]
Caly Jandro -Ashes On The Breeze feat Addzy (Original Mix) [BEAT & PATH]
Sidartha Siliceo, Simon Vuarambon - Lost Desert Firedance featuring Sidartha Siliceo (Burningman Original) [Souksonic]
Downtown Party Network - Space Me Out feat. Egle Sirvydyte (Original Mix) [Silence Music]
Uone - Just You & Me (Original Mix)[unreleased]
PAAX - Menuda (Original Mix) [SCM]
Desert Dwellers - Abstract Floral Audio feat. Evan Fraser (Original Mix) [Alt Orient]
Acid Pauli - Edda's Cumbia (Original Mix) [Milk & Sugar]
Lucca Tan & Ezy St - It Ain't Me (Uone's Mystic Saloon Remix) [Tanny Records]


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