January 9, 2023

Although we had a power outage during my set due to me triggering too many Jim Morrison samples. I managed to stitch in the musical moment we missed.

Hope you enjoy this set, it sure was a special one for me and I was lucky to have recovered from a Multiple Sclerosis flair up just in time for the show. I honestly believe that the power of Yothu Yindi's music helped me break through and healed me whilst producing the music for our transmission show, that you can hear at the end of the set. The deep mediative corroboree sounds helped me so much, I hope they touch you too.
PS excuse some of my mixing, I was still in alot of pain.

1 - Jim Morrison vs The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Uone's Holy Shay Intro)
2 - T-Puse, Menachem - Hodeya (Original Mix)
3 - Socko, D'Litte - Red Wet Dress (Original Mix)
4 - Husa & Zeyada - Make it Hot (Miyagi Remix)
6 - Uone - Strike The Match (Original Mix)
7- Uone & Western - The Tale of the Seven Samurai (Original Mix)
8 - Yotam Avni - Jorniel (Original Mix)
9 - BONDI, Saand - Mission Control (Uone Remix)

10 - Nandu, Shrii - Dimension feat. Shrii (Original Mix)
11 - Treesong - Robag Wruhme - Asota Sedodo NB---- MM1
12 - The Oddness - Let It Move feat Ellika (Uone's CockaRoost Sunrise Remix)
13 - UNDERHER - Damaged Goods feat. Catalino (Uone's Future Funk Remix)
14 - Uone & Western - Desert Fire (Original Mix)
15 - Yothu Yindi - Timeless Land (Uone’s Great Snowy Re-Edit)
16 - Uone - Universal Wisdom (Intro)


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